We make it easier than ever to get through the holidays. HEFCU is pleased to offer our members a chance to skip their loan payments for a second time this calendar year (January – December). We know that money is tight, especially during the holidays. Buying presents, traveling, feeding all the hungry mouths and still maintaining your bills throughout the month can put a strain on your check book.

That is why we are offering the opportunity for you to use a second Skip-A-Pay with a small fee of $25.00 per loan.

Simply download the coupon and select the method of payment for the low fee for skipping each loan. Be sure to let us know what loan number(s), the payment amount(s) and the month (October, November or December) you would like to skip your payment. There are only three requirements. Download Coupon Here

  1.  The coupon can only be used one time per loan in October, November or December;
  2. The loan(s) must be current when the coupon is presented; and
  3. You agree to pay the fee of $25.00 per loan.

Once approved, if you normally pay your loan by cash or check, do not make your loan payment(s). If your loan is paid through payroll deduction, your payment(s) will be deposited into your account on the affected payroll dates in the month you skip payment. Lastly, if your loan is paid by automatic transfer, your loan payment(s) will remain in your account.

Home Equity Loans, Mortgages, Home Improvement Loans, Visa and Single Pay Loans do not qualify. Interest will continue to accrue and the estimated final payment date of all loans affected by the program will be extended. Skip-A-Payment applies to one monthly payment, four (4) weekly payments, two (2) semi-monthly payments, or two (2) bi-weekly payments.