How Do I Join?

It is easy to become a member at Halliburton Employees’ Federal Credit Union. The big question is “Do I have to work for Halliburton to be a member?” and the answer, NO. There are multiple ways and over 64 other employers whose employees are eligible to take advantage of the many wonderful benefits of membership!


How Do I Join?


Once you determine you qualify for membership, simply deposit $25 into a share/savings account. You must maintain a minimum balance of at least $25 in your share/savings account. Once you have become a member, you have opened the door to take advantage of our great low interest rate loan programs, and our high dividend checking account, plus all the additional perks of becoming a member of Halliburton Employees’ Federal Credit Union.

Benefits of Membership


Founded on the basic democratic premise of the cooperative movement, credit unions believe that access to low-cost financial services is critical to the health and stability of ordinary citizens. In fact, nearly 80 million Americans trust their credit union to provide the services to improve their financial well being. Credit union membership offers many benefits. Services offered range from simple savings to IRAs. Study after study has revealed that, on average, credit unions provide the best financial offerings with fewer fees, lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings. Also, credit unions continually score higher than all other financial institutions in consumer satisfaction surveys. Credit unions strive to deliver the best service possible to their most important assets–their members.

At HEFCU you are eligible to receive $1000 of AD&D Coverage Free. If you are already a member click below to claim your no cost AD&D.


Shared Branches 


HEFCU is part of a shared branching network, what that means for you is there are over 5,000 credit union locations Nationwide that you can go to and conduct business from just like you were here at your credit union. Coast to Coast we are here to serve you!